Doug Carnahan

"Just a Friend" Release 01/05/24

“Just a Friend” is the newest single from Doug Carnahan and is a departure from the hard rock style music that he’s become known for. “Just a Friend” is a bold, yet palatable experience, chalk full of hooks, and relatable lyrics. It’s Doug’s first foray into the world of pop-rock, and while retaining his own style of rock, it delivers a solid mix of genres that makes for a memorable, upbeat experience!


Doug Carnahan is an American vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is no stranger to the stage, having been performing for over a decade, both all over his native Pennsylvania and all over the U.S. Doug has been the front man for quite a few hard rock bands over the years, starting with his first band, Devils Under the Influence, which he formed back in 2008. From his next band, A Guilty Revelation, to joining with After the Fall and releasing multiple albums and winning awards, Doug has continued his passion for writing, recording, and performing music. He’s also lent his voice to countless collaborative projects over the years too, from other rock songs, to Christmas songs, and more!

Doug has expanded beyond the rock/metal realm, by expanding his repertoire to include such genres as acoustic rock, pop, electronic, etc. His first solo acoustic record, The Lighter Side of Dark, forged some new musical territory and continued to push the musical envelope. With the release of his single, “Just a Friend”, he’s continued to venture into genres that are not only new and different, but also put on display his musical versatility, while paying homage to the styles and eras of music that he himself is a fan of.

Whether it’s hard rock, acoustic, or any other musical endeavors, Doug continues to create music that expresses his individuality, and has no plans of stopping any time soon!

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